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Once you reserve a location, give us an idea of what you want on the board and we do the rest. Our graphic artist will design artwork for your consideration.

After you have approved the artwork, the vinyl face is ordered and installed when it arrives.

Billboard rates depend on the size, direction of facing and if they are illuminated.

The face printing charge is due before the face is ordered. Billing starts once your billboard is up and working for you. If the sign has lights we pay the electric bill and maintenance. Lights turn on at dusk and go off at midnight. Invoices are payable in 15 days.

You have less than 6 seconds to catch the potential customer’s attention. Using imagery along with the copy will help to attract the reader’s eye to the billboard. The use of imagery helps the reader to retain the message in their memory by creating an association between the image and the message. Do not try to print a book on your billboard, just 10 words are plenty. Keep the layout simple. Cluttered messages will confuse the reader and the message will not be retained. Short and sweet is important.

Our contracts are 12 month contracts.

Contact our office either via the “contact us” form or call our office at 757-787-7662. We will be glad to meet you at your business to review our current available locations. Call today!